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As Tarsus American College, we are contributing to the growth of successuful young adults since 1888 as mandated by our motto “Leaders for Turkey, Leadership for the World!”. For this reason, we place emphasis on “equality of opportunities in education” and see it as our social responsibility to make sure that all high-achieving students can benefit from the education provided by TAC without any financial concerns.

The scholarships offered by Tarsus American College are Academic Merit Scholarship, Financial Support Scholarship and SEV Sports, Arts and Science Scholarship, depending on the needs and strengths of students, with each having its own criteria for eligibility. Scholarship rates vary according to these criteria and may even exceed 100% of the tuition fee (covering all of the educational costs).


Academic Merit Scholarship


It is awarded to the students with the highest score in their cohort in new enrollment and in intermediary grades. It has two sub-categories:


Merit Scholarship on Admission


• Who Is Eligible: Students who have registered in the preparatory year program.

• Eligibility Criteria: Completing registration during the first registration period according to the timeline published in the Registration Guide for Private Schools, and achieving the highest score at the high schools admissions exam among those students who have registered (It is allocated within the quota determined.)

• Duration: 5 Years

• Criteria for Continuation: Not having received any disciplinary penalty and passing the class.

Merit Scholarship for Intermediary Grades

• Who is Eligible: Students in intermediary (upper) grade levels who continue their education at TAC.

• Eligibility Criteria: Achieving the highest end-of-year GPA in their grade level at the end of the previous academic year, (It is allocated within the quota determined.)

        • Duration: 1 Year

• Criteria for Continuation: The student's grade point average should be high enough to place them in the quota determined, and not having received any disciplinary penalty.

• Note: The student is awarded a merit scholarship reserves the right to apply for a financial aid scholarship.


Financial Aid Scholarship

Who is Eligible: Students who meet the conditions for registration but do not have enough financial means.

• Eligibility Criteria: Application from the special link on our website during the registration period. Students who will start the preparatory year program can apply for this scholarship at the time of their registration.

• Duration: 1 Year. Re-application is possible in the following years.

• Criteria for Continuation: The student must have passed his/her class and not having received any disciplinary penalty.

• Scope: The amount of scholarship is determined on a case by case basis.


Sports, Arts and Science Scholarship


With the strong emphasis we place on student engagement in sports and arts as well as participation in science competitions, we offer “Sports, Arts and Science Scholarships” to support students who are strong in these areas. Current students or those who are newly enrolled at TAC who are involved in sports, arts or research, may receive a scholarship of 25 percent of the school tuition fee for five years, their entire high school education. One student can only qualify for one of these areas (sports, arts or sciences). Since these scholarships are regarded as merit scholarship, the students may also qualify for the Financial Aid Scholarship. If awarded, the total amount of scholarship can reach 100% combined with the scholarship awarded for sports or science.


Students who will both start the preparatory year and who are in upper grades may apply for this scholarship.


Sports Scholarship


Who are eligible:

  • National athletes in one of the Olympic sports or in chess, 
  • Students who achieve Turkish national championship (individual or as part of a team), or national record-breakers and who actively compete in the sports branch concerned.


The scholarship of national athletes continue for the entire duration of their education at the school as long as they meet the conditions for the continuation. 


The scholarship of the Turkish national champions or record breakers are for one year. The scholarship can be re-allocated if the achievements continue in the following years.



Arts Scholarship


Who are eligible:

  • Students who study part-time at the State Conservatory, which offers admission through a talent exam, in at least a four-year program,
  • Students who graduated from at least a four year program of the conservatory, or 
  • Those who are placed in the top three in contests organized by the United Nations (UNICEF, UNESCO, etc.).


Of those students who are currently enrolled in our schools, those who meet the eligibility criteria stated above may apply for this scholarship award for the semesters following their meeting the criteria.


Science Scholarship

Who are eligible:


Preparatory Year Students

Science Scholarship is awarded to students who received a gold, silver or bronze medal at the National Science Olympiad, sponsored by TUBITAK, during their middle school education (grades 5,6,7,8) in case they are enrolled in our high schools. The award covers the entire duration of their education at our schools. Student awards from National Project Competitions do not qualify for this scholarship.


Upper Grade Levels (Current Students)

It is awarded to students at our high schools who receive a gold, silver or bronze medal at the National Science Olympiad, sponsored by TUBITAK, or at the National Project Competition for the entire duration of their education in our schools.


Detailed information about the documents required in application for scholarships and conditions will be provided in the informative letters to be sent during the scholarship application periods.