With its slogan, "Leaders for Turkey, Leadership for the World!", Tarsus American College has taken on as its mission to contribute to the growth of young people for 133 years. For this reason, we place emphasis on equal opportunities in education and consider it our social responsibility to help all successful young adults to become TAC students without financial concerns.
The scholarships offered by Tarsus American College include Academic Merit Scholarship, Financial Need Scholarship and SEV Sports, Arts and Science Scholarship, each tailored for the needs and strengths of prospective students. Each scholarship has its own eligibility criteria. Scholarship rates vary according to these criteria and may at times exceed 100% of the school's tuition fee (covering all educational costs).
Academic Merit Scholarship
Academic merit scholarship is awarded to students who have achieved the highest score in the high school admission examination for the incoming prep students and those who have achieved the highest GPA in the upper grade levels.
At Tarsus American College, Academic Merit Scholarship is offered in two stages: during admissions and in upper grade levels. 
Merit Scholarship on Admission: It is a merit scholarship awarded to students who will be start the preparatory year based on their LGS (high school admissions exam) results. It covers the entire tuition fee (100%) for 5 years. 100% merit scholarship is awarded to the top eight students with highest scores who enroll in TAC during the first registration period according to the calendar in the Private Schools Enrolment Guide. This scholarship is also valid in the upper grade levels, in order to continue, students must pass their classes and not receive disciplinary punishment. Students who are not among the first 8 students but have high scores are also awarded partial achievement scholarships at different rates, if the family needs it.
SEV Merit Scholarship: It is awarded to the students of SEV middle schools who graduate in the top five in their class when they enroll in Tarsus American College in July with their LGS result. The scholarship covers 35% of the tuition fee for the prep year. The scholarship continues for one year.
Merit Scholarship for Upper Grade Levels: Just like in the SEV middle schools, this scholarship is awarded to the top three students and covers 35% of the tuition fee. The scholarship continues for one year.
Financial Need Scholarship: It is awarded to students who meet the enrollment requirements of Tarsus American College, but are from an underprivileged financial background. The Financial Need Scholarship, which is subject to the eligibility criteria and  principles set by the Health and Education Foundation (SEV) within the framework of the regulations of the Ministry of Education, is offered at different rates according to the needs of the student. TAC's Financial Need Scholarship applications are received online during the registration period from students who register directly and will be finalized by the end of the registration period. Scholarships are allocated in line with our scholarship budget, following the online applications and the interview with the parents. The Financial Need Scholarship is renewable every year. The renewal is contigent upon the student's direct promotion to the upper gradel level, not having received any disciplinary penalties and no changes in the financial situation of the family.
Application Process for the Financial Support Scholarship
Applications for "Financial Support Scholarship" in the 2021-2022 Academic Year will be received in the registration process determined by the Ministry of Education.
After the preliminary evaluation by the scholarship committee, scholarship interviews will be scheduled on the phone or face-to-face.
(The dates will be shared when the evaluation and approval is finalized)
Click here for the list of documents required for the Financial Support Scholarship.
Sports, Art and Science Scholarship of the Health and Education Foundation
Sports, arts and science scholarships which reflect the mission of the Health and Education Foundation are created to support those students who are involved in sports, artistic and scientific pursuits with the goal of providing holistic education. These scholarships cover students currently enrolled in our high schools and/or are admitted to our schools who continue their active involvement in sports, arts and science activities. The scholarship continues for five years, the student's entire high school education. The scholarship amount is 50% of the tuition fee.