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*Our scholarship opportunities for the 2024-25 academic year will be updated as of May 2024.

As Tarsus American College, we are contributing to the growth of successuful young adults since 1888 as mandated by our motto “Leaders for Turkey, Leadership for the World!”. For this reason, we place emphasis on “equality of opportunities in education” and see it as our social responsibility to make sure that all high-achieving students can benefit from the education provided by TAC without any financial concerns.

The scholarships offered by Tarsus American College are Academic Merit Scholarship, Financial Support Scholarship and SEV Sports, Arts and Science Scholarship, depending on the needs and strengths of students, with each having its own criteria for eligibility. Scholarship rates vary according to these criteria and may even exceed 100% of the tuition fee (covering all of the educational costs).

Tarsus American Academy has been raising successful young people since its establishment in 1888 and believes in the equality of opportunity in education and sees it as a social service mission for successful young people to receive the best education without having financial concerns.

With this approach, TarsusAmerican Academy provides scholarship opportunities to successful students in the fields of sports, arts and science.The resources for these scholarships are provided via donations and contributions from SEV.

Types of scholarships vary as does the conditions and rates.

*Our scholarship opportunities for the 2024-2025 Academic Year will be updated as of May 2024.