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The graduates of Tarsus American College always feel indebted to their school TAC, which raised them as leaders and productive members of their community. Therefore, they come to the help of the school and TAC students almost automatically in any request for help without any hesitation.

The most important area of endeavor for the TAC Alumni Association is to create scholarship opportunities for academically strong students in need of financial assistance. Thanks to the funds created by the "Brick by Brick" scholarship initiated by the alumni for this purpose, many students are able to benefit from the TAC programme. 

TAC alumni members are in almost a competition with each other to further improve boarding opportunities by contributing to the scholarship fund.

Being a TAC alumni is characterized by a strong sense of fraternity and unity based on a 133-year history in education. They meet at every opportunity and reminiscence their days at TAC while contributing to new projects to support the school and the students.

TAC graduates in various cities in Turkey, mainly Ankara, İstanbul, İzmir, Adana and Mersin meet in their respective cities on the last Friday of every month. And every year, on the Saturday which is closest to the 19th of May, Youth and Sports Day, more than a thousand come to campus for a grand reunion of all TAC graduates around the world, which is called "Homecoming".   

Other activities include balls and class meetings which are held annually.

The electronic communication channels include active e-mail groups, a web page which provides each access to each member, social media channels and the traditional "Bizletter" magazine. 

Through its Career Center, the TAC Alumni Association supports the graduates in the field of human resources. Alumni who mentor younger graduates somestimes organize workshops and continue the TAC spirit and ethos after graduation.

TAC Alumni are ready to support the school in every area needed. During the Career Day for current TAC students, many TAC graduates are invited to the school to help the students in their goal setting and making informed career choices.

We are very fortunate to have been students of Tarsus American College. Every single TAC graduate is a volunteer to give lifetime of support to the school with the felling of gratude and indebtedness.




Av. Ramazan Dinçer

TAC Alumni Association