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"Among democratic nations, each generation is a new people."

Alexis de Tocqueville (French politician)


The Tarsus American College Student Council is an organization which allows students to learn about democratic procedures, the process of planning and organization of school activities.


The Student Council works as a bridge of communication between the administration and students to reflect the student ideas or concerns as they relate to the school’s decision making and operation. The Student Council also works in cooperation with the Parent-Teacher Association and the Alumni Association.
Student council elections are two stages. For grades 9-12, they take place in May and for Prep in October. Each student votes for class representatives in their own grade level as well as for the member of the executive committee as outlined in the Student Council regulations.
The Tarsus American College Student Council Executive Committee is comprised of the following members:


  • President (Grade 12)
  • Vice President (Grade 11)
  • Secretary (Grade 10)
  • Treasurer (Grade 9)

Student Council Executive Committee members hold monthly meetings with their teacher advisor, the TAC Headmaster and the Turkish Principal to discuss the agenda items set out by the President of the Student Council.