TAC offers boarding facilities to a total capacity of 148 students, 74 boys and 74 girls. Student can opt to board for 5 days or 7 days a week.





The building is symmetrical where boys and girls sections have exactly the same plan.  

In the dormitories, each room accomodates three students. This number changes according to the student's grade level and the number of new arrivals and departures. 

The prep students are placed by the dormitory administration according to the breakdown of 5/7 day-boarders and the cities they are coming from. 

In each room, students are able to personalize their own space, which contains the bed, the bookshelves, study desk, wardrobe and shoe racks. There is a common use fridge in the room. 




The student lounges in each section (boys-girls) has one TV set, study tables and wireless internet connection. 

There are ten computers in each lounge. 

There are also one color and 1 black and white printers and one scanner.

Students can use their own laptops with adherence to the acceptable use policy set out in the Boarding Handbooks.

Daily newspapers and weekly periodicals are also available in the student lounge.




Attendance is taken every day in the office and this is also where students check their permission faxes.




There are study hall periods every weekday between 19:00-20:30 which is supervised by teachers.




There are common-use bathrooms on each floor, each of which has 5 showers, 6 sinks and 6 toilets.  

Bathrooms are cleaned every day by the cleaning staff. 

Hot water is available 24/7




On each floor, there is a kitchen with microwave, water heater and fridge. 

Students can keep their foodstuff in the fridges in the kitchen or in their rooms.

Every student is responsible for cleaning the kitchen after use.




There are 10 washing machines and 10 dryers on the ground floor of each building.

Student launderies are washed and ironed by the cleaning staff.

Detergents are obtained by the school.

Each floor has an iron and ironing board.




Boarding students eat at the school cafeteria

Breakfast on weekdays: 7:00-8:15

Dinner on weekdays: 17:30-19:00

Breakfast on weekends: 8:00-10:00

Dinner on weekends: 18:00-19:30

Lunches are provided at the times determined by the school.

Boarding students may order food from outside by notifying the boarding supervisor on duty, and in adherence to the rules outlined in the Boarding Handbook.

Students may only eat at the space provided. Eating in the rooms is not allowed.  




There is an infirmary on campus which provides 24/7 service

Boarding students who are ill can stay in the infirmary with the doctor's approval so that they do not infect others and to stay under doctor's control.

Students are not allowed to keep medication in their rooms. All student medication is stored in the student lockers in the infirmary.




There is a telephone on each floor.

Students may use their personal cellphones with adherence to the rules outlines in the Boarding Handbook.

All parent permissions are submitted through fax.




There is a Yapı Kredi ATM on campus.