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Preparation for university and career development is a process which covers the entire high school career. 

The education at Tarsus American College promotes self-confidence, high awareness about community, strong leadership skills, and making well-informed choices about universities. In this process, TAC's Counseling and the International University Counseling departments actively involve students in the process of goal setting and choosing the best department, university and career for them.


International and Turkish university counselors work in coordination to help students in their being placed into the best universities in Turkey or overseas. One of the most important topics for students is to get into the university and program of their choice. Considering the importance of high school GPAs in post-secondary placement, all students starting from grade 9 receive detailed information about university placement system. This helps students in making well-informed choices about the academic lessons/tracks at the end of grade 10 according to the faculty in which they are interested. 


To this end, the departments organize Career Day event, visits to universities, visits to workplaces, conversations about various professional fields, tests, inventories, international university fairs, panels with TAC graduates who study overseas. The counselors also meet with the students and their parents to monitor individual plans for university applications and preparation. Grade 12 students are involved in a process of individual YGS and LYS preparation. In addition, the results of the mock-exams are analyzed, supporting their academic growth on an ongoing basis. The counselors provide support to students in all applications to tests, universities and making university placement lists.  


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