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Life's most persistent and urgent question is: "What are you doing for others?"

                                                                       Martin Luther King, Jr.

With the mission of raising leaders for community for 136 years, Tarsus American College develops this mindset in students from a very early age. Our students, who have internalized serving their community, become successful leaders of the future. The history of community service activities at Tarsus American College dates back to the first years of the school. A group of benevolent people who set out to enlighthen hearts and minds in Çukurova 133 years ago, wanted to promote this enlightenment not only within the boundaries of the school, but also its community. Since then, community services has been one of the inherent traditions of the school, drawing different projects and an increasing participation every year.
TAC prioritizes the need of raising well-educated and balanced individuals who work to protect and are respectful of the rights of others, with a strong belief in serving their country and humanity at large. Therefore, it promotes volunteer work which benefit the community. Altan Ünver, a TAC graduate, who has had significant contributions in the field of rural development in Turkey, leading the establishment of the Development Foundation of Turkey, is a great example in this regard.
TAC students are expected to spend at least 20 hours in community service activities throughout the academic  year. At our school, each academic department leads community service projects. Under the leadership of the Community Services Coordinator, students choose an area of interest to work under the guidance of at least one teacher advisor, and work hard until they attain desired results with the expedition, announcement of the project, fundraising and organization processes.
Throughout the academic year, the community service activities offered by TAC is increasing and restructured. In addition to projects with sustainable and long-term goals, we also aim to produce new and meaningful projects every year. Tarsus American College, which rapidly adapted to changing global circumstances in both academic and social terms, continued to touch lives through its community service projects during the shift to distance education as required by the pandemic.