“It is easier to recognize goodness than to define it”


W.H. Auden


Tarsus American College, driven by its 133-year-old mission of raising community leaders cultivates this awareness in its students from an early age. Our students who have taken on the mission of serving their community start off at high school as role models, potential leaders of the future. At Tarsus American College, the history of community service dates back to the earliest days of the school. 133 years ago, a group of people set out with the mission of raising individuals with strong minds and caring hearts in the Çukurova region. They felt that the light of knowledge should illuminate not just the school, but its community. Since then, community service has become a long standing tradition of the school which continues with more projects and an increasing student participation each year.

Tarsus American College believes that protection of the rights of today’s and the future’s generations requires raising well-balanced, well-educated individuals who respect others’ rights, and have the passion to serve their country and humanity. The school therefore promotes volunteer activities in an effort to make a difference already in the immediate community. One great example of the realization of this mission is the fact that Altan Ünver, a TAC graduate, has led the establishment of Turkish Development Association, which has contributed greatly to rural development in our country, an extension to humanitarian activities in which he was actively involved while at TAC.
TAC students spend at least 20 hours of an academic year actively working on community service. In our school, each academic department takes on a community service project. Supervised by a teacher, the students decide about their specific area of work, make a discovery visit, promote their project, raise funds, and organize the actual activity, working hard throughout until they see it through to completion.  


During the academic year, the number of community service activities increase and the list of projects are updated.


There has been more than 250 students involved in community activites in 2017-2018.



Some Examples of TAC’s Community Service Activities in Year 2018-2019


  1. Academic support to the 3rd and 4th grade students of Hasan Karamehmet Elementary School.in 10 different areas including Sports, Mathematics, Science, Turkish, English, IQ Games and dance,
  2. Organizing Bookmobile visits to various village schools in Tarsus and teaching English to the students of these schools.
  3. Providing food for the animal shelters located in Tarsus and Mersin
  4. Sister school projects with village schools in the region: Kaleburcu, Kamberhüyüğü, and Kel Ahmet
  5. Supporting the Tarsus ZİÇEV Makbule Ölçen School.
  6. Visit and sharing time with the young patients of the oncology wards of hospitals 
  7. Visit and sharing time with senior citizens homes and elderly centers.
  8. Supporting the residents of women’s shelters 
  9. Organizing STEM and MAKERS workshops with Kaleburcu village school
  10. New Year’s Party for village school students