“Literature transmits undisputable condensed experience . . . from generation to generation. In this way literature becomes the living memory of a nation.”


Alexandr Soljenitsin (Russian Novelist)


Verbal and written culture of a country enlightens the country’s history as much as it enlightens her future. By reading Turkish folk tales and legends, the reader can have a broad understanding about the culture, life, systems of government and political relations in Anatolia going back for many centuries. There is no more accurate and rewarding way of teaching culture to a child than through literature. The first step of the educational process at TAC is to provoke student interest in the given topic. Students are then provided with the resources to satisfy their curiosity. In the teaching of Turkish Language and Literature, students continue with the processes of reading, application and production.

Although the reading to a large extent is individual, the learning process is enriched with drama, presentations, movie screening, observation, and news reporting. Teaching of a deep culture such as art and literature requires building sound links between the past and the future. It is only when students explore the similarities between Dede Korkut Tales and the Lord of the Rings that they will comprehend the universal nature of language arts.