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Social Sciences Program at Tarsus American College: Its objective is to help students adapt to modern life; recognize economic, social and political changes in their environment, evaluate and interpret them; respect different cultures and views; build a balance between the society they live in and expectations from them, understand their rights and responsibilities, provide a scientific basis for their thoughts and take risks as necessary.



  • At the end of the Social Sciences Program, our students will have developed the following knowledge and skills;


  • Adopt and protect secular, democratic and modern values, with a commitment to Atatürk's principles and reforms,


  • Evaluate the historical, geographical and sociological situations through different perspectives,


  • Understand the cultural, economic and political implications of developments in the world that are closely connected to mankind,


  • Present ideas for community service projects and implement these ideas in a way would serve their purpose,


  • Know the Turkish culture and characteristics of other cultures well, approaching them with sensitivity and respect,


  • Reflect their knowledge, skills and experiences on their behavior.





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Events and Competitions


Social Sciences Fair

In this fair, students of Üsküdar American Academy, İzmir American College, SEV American College and Tarsus American College present their projects in the field of Social Sciences. These projects are awarded prizes in different categories after being evaluated by a jury of academicians. This festival, which takes place in every two years, is alternately hosted by one of the Foundation schools. This fair, as well as academic learning, provide students with the opportunity to get to know each other and their schools, and to develop friendships.


Philosophy Olympics

The Philosophy Olympics, held throughout Turkey every year, is hosted at ten centers. Only one student from each school has the right to participate in the event every year. Participating students are given three quotes from various philosophers and students are expected to write a philosophical essay on the quote chosen by the student. Students who are successful in these Olympics are entitled to participate in the international philosophy olympics and are awarded.


Students of the Year in Social Sciences

At the end of each year, students who demostrate high performance in social studies classes, as well as support for departmental activities and community services are chosen as the student of the year. Also, one student at each grade level selected by department teachers receive an award from the disciplinary courses at the TAC Spring Awards Ceremony. This award is given as students of the year in Social Sciences.


Halil Ibrahim Akış History Award

A grade 11 student whose behavior embody the vision and mission of Tarsus American College, who perform well in history courses and actively participate in the activities of the Social Sciences Department, a member of the History and Archeology Club contributing projects and activities in the club, is selected by the teachers in the department. This students is presented awards which would support this successful performance, in addition to a certificate. This award is presented at the Spring Awards ceremony.