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“…Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

                                                                     Mark Twain (American novelist)


Anyone with comprehension and speaking skills is able to learn their native language. If this is supported by good education, then the individual can enjoy a life which is enriched by the cultural background as expressed through one’s native language. Learning a second language makes life even richer, indeed providing almost a “second life”. If this language is English, then there is the opportunity to understand and explore almost all cultures in the world at a deeper level. By the time they graduate from TAC, our students will be equipped with reading, comprehension, written, and oral expression skills in English in all subject areas ranging from science to politics to art and literature. The main purpose of the English program at TAC is to develop student competency in the four main components (reading, writing, speaking and listening comprehension) in English at a level where students will be able to complete an academic university program where the language of instruction is English.


The objectives of the program are as follows:


  • Develop effective communication skills in English, including reading, writing, speaking, and listening comprehension,
  • Enhance problem-solving and critical thinking abilities,
  • Cultivate student interest in literature and show the links between literature/fiction and daily life,
  • Encourage students to read in English throughout their lives,
  • Support student creativity in written and oral presentations,
  • Teach effective listening skills,
  • Assist students in conducting research and applying what they have learned,
  • Teach planning and organization skills for long-term projects,
  • Support good study habits and promote collaboration,
  • Teach students to use appropriate tone and introduce them to other cultures where English is used as a native language.


Activities :


  • International and Cultural Awareness Day
  • Shakespeare Day
  • Golden Stickler Film Festival
  • TAC Prep News
  • IELTS exam preparations
  • Interdisciplinary projects