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Tarsus American College uses the student information system called Smartclass. This system enables parent access to all student academic data so that they can follow up student progress. All exams (classical and multiple-choice) are graded using our student assessment program, and the feedback it provides based on topic and learning attainments help teachers and parents to follow students' academic strengths and areas for improvement based.


In addition to exam grades, feedback on missing homework/ classroom materials, school behavior scores and explanations, tardiness and attendance records, etc. can be tracked online through SmartClass with the special login password given to the student/parent. Informative letters, mid-term report cards, and performance grades are also shared with parents through this system.


CLICK HERE to access SmartClass.



ConnectED Platform (Blackboard LMS)

At Tarsus American College, the web-based learning platform (ConnectED) is used as an effective learning platform at all grade levels. ConnectED provides access to both synchronous and asynchronous course content (unit and topic-based content, worksheets, presentations, classwork samples, homework, resources, and original videos developed by our teachers in collaboration with digital design specialists), which is prepared by our teachers for their course. While our students can follow the curriculum, weekly clubs and activities and join live lessons through the system, teachers can design and organize their course content as online modules.


ConnectED allows students to learn or review the units covered in the classroom at their own pace according to their individual needs, and to receive instant feedback. The system can report on the student's academic development, strengths and areas for improvement, allowing the student progress to be closely monitored.


CLICK HERE to access Connected.