At the age of six I wanted to be a cook. At seven I wanted to be Napoleon. And my ambition has been growing steadily ever since.                                                                                 

Salvador Dali (Spanish painter)


TAC offers art as an elective at the Prep level. The year’s theme is to study the “Renaissance” which means rebirth and defines the discovery of antique classic art work as well as the rebirth of the European culture. Renaissance influenced artistic and philosophical thought in the entire world, starting from Europe. It provided a sound backbone for modern art. Students who understand renaissance will develop a deeper understanding of art.

In the arts program which is based on the core of research, the following concepts and practices are addressed:


  • What does renaissance mean?
  • What are the factors which led to renaissance?
  • Which disciplines will be examined through renaissance? (architecture, mathematics, literature, music, art, sculpture, science, technical discoveries)
  • What concepts are to be taught? (linear perspective, color perspective, contrasting colors, portrait, profile, anagram, semiology, humanism, calligraphy, typography, Golden Ratio)
  • Classroom activities include typographical printing, preparing posters/research projects on fields and people studied under the theme of renaissance, mono printing – styrofoam, and portrait work.
I think that every artistic feeling in life should be accompanied by music...”

Goethe (German poet)


TAC’s music program aims to develop students who have gained an informed knowledge of music and who, at the same time, have enjoyed learning about it. Music is a unique language for social and universal communication and young people, channelling their inner energies through music, will deal better with the turbulences of adolescent years.
Program Objectives:

Music program aims to cultivate the following skills:


  • Cooperative, disciplined and well-organized work habits through individual or group music practice.
  • Building synthesis between knowledge through music education and other fields of art.
  • Raising intellectual, spiritual and emotional awareness through desired outcomes of the music program.
  • Using technology to reach information sources; understand the changing language of music.
  • Finding out about the cultural background of music; taking a sincere interest and appreciation towards the music of different cultures.
  • Acknowledging the value placed by Atatürk on national and universal music.
  • Music is an elective course in high school. The course studies rhytmic reading, musical history, music culture, instrument knowledge and musical performance.


The aims of the music related activities are to encourage students to create their own music and to provide opportunities to display their musical talents. They include performances for special days and weeks, end of year concert of TAC ECHO music band, individual musical performance of students, and forming new ECHO bands.

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