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“Who knows how many people started a new chapter in their lives after reading a book”


Henry D. Thoreau (American Author)


Cultivating a habit of reading is as valuable as providing a life-long teacher. That is the reason “reading” is not regarded only as a leisure activity at TAC. In the Korkut Beriker Library of Tarsus American College, a school which promotes life-long learning, students:


  • nurture a love for reading
  • learn to access multiple sources of information
  • practice research and the processing of information
  • develop the skill of applying learned material to world around them.




Korkut Beriker Library is a research center designed according to the IB (International Baccalaureate Program) units which serves the high school.


With the help of the library which holds subscriptions to the reference systems developed for school libraries such as Ebscohost, JSTOR, Ebrary, SIRS Researcher and Noodletools, students support their research and learning through resource materials, reference books, articles, national and international newspapers and theses.


Students have easy access to most recent information in a wealth of disciplines and topics with about 15.000 books, e-books, audio-visual learning tools, periodicals and database subscriptions, a collection which is updated with new materials every year, and in all language that the schools offers for instruction.


Korkut Beriker Library is open for student use on weekdays between 8:30-17:30, who can use the library during the lunch break, all breaks and after school.


During the summer holiday, the library is open for student use at 10:00-12:00, 14:00-16:00 on weekdays.




The library is also a venue for creative, educational and fun activities during the year, such as the Library Week, Black-White Photography Contest, Bookmark Contest, Graphic Design Contest, Book Hunt.








At TAC, library is an important support unit for the academic program. With the cooperation of the Prep Department, the school organizes Library Classes and reading hours for the prep students during the year. Students learn about research, academic honesty, citation techniques starting from their first year at TAC and reinforce their learning with the English books which they borrow under their teachers’ guidance.


Given the fact that today’s information sources cannot be limited to print materials, one would wonder about the computers and IT tools in the library. At the Korkut Beriker Library, users can can access our electronic book catalogue “Destiny” and database which the library has subscription using the regularly updated computers located in the library, on campus and outside of the campus network, get printouts or connect these resources wirelessly using their personal mobile devices.