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"Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because, in the last analysis, we ourselves are a part of the mystery that we are trying to solve’’   

Max Planck (German Physicist)


TAC’s Science Department aims to provide students with theoretical and practical knowledge in biology, chemistry and physics in order to give them a scientific background and perspective. The program prepares students for comprehensive national and international exams before graduation by imparting critical thinking skills that will enable them to succeed in university science courses. Laboratory techniques are also taught in these lessons. In addition, the department offers IB Biology, Chemistry and Physics courses at standard and high levels. Through the Science Program, students understand the relationship between science and technological development, and how these phenomena contribute to social development and they develop the motivation to apply their learning to daily life. The Science program aims to develop the following in students:


  • strong research skills,
  • independent and critical thinking and comprehension skills
  • the ability to observe, design and test hypotheses, collect, analyze and interpret data while developing creativity and potential for project design and development
  • participating in at least one activity which integrates sciences with fine arts, human sciences or social sciences (e.g. Science Fair)
  • scientific thinking and comprehension
  • a sense of responsibility for their own well-being as well as for their physical and social environment
  • knowledge of how to access, generate, use and share information
  • ability to apply scientific methods to various problems and situations
  • an awareness about making mistakes and asking for help when needed
  • an understanding about the nature of science and technology as well as the interaction between science, technology, society and environment, and the ability to recognize the importance of science in social development
  • knowledge about how to protect our body and our environment
  • to be successful in national and / or international programs and exams
  • to have a lifelong approach to science and technology with increased interest; to have a basic science background that will integrate future, life and learning experiences


Please click for the topics covered in TAC’s Prep Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and IB programs.


Science Fair


The science fair is an activity held in the spring on a biennial basis. Students design and conduct their own experiments in an independent or group study, analyze and evaluate their observations and data, and draw conclusions from them.


As a result of the study, students share their findings with the school community at the TAC Science Fair through laboratory reports and posters. Awarded projects compete at the SEV American Schools Science Fair hosted by Tarsus American College, Izmir American College, SEV American High School or Üsküdar American College.


The Science Fair is an excellent opportunity for students to apply what they learn and to reach the science department's goal. Participation in the science fair is an independent thinking/learning experience for students. It helps develop the skills of accessing information, producing, using and sharing information as well as critical thinking skills and the ability to adapt the scientific method to various problems and situations.


Our Activities

  • Switzerland-CERN Science and Research Trip-9, 10, & 11th grades
  • Cukurova University Medicine and Engineering Departments Lesson Observation-11th grade

IBDP Field Trips

  • IB ESS Gözlükule Field Trip
  • IB Tarsus Selale Biodiversity Field Trip
  • IB Chemistry - Field Trip to Mersin Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant Information Center 


  • DNA day
  • Grade 9 and 10 Science Knowledge Contests

International Competitions:

Waterloo University;

  • Sir Isaac Newton Physics Exam-11th grades
  • Avogadro Chemistry Exam-11th grades

Toronto University:

  • Biology Exam