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“Those of the Turkish social community who are responsible for organizing athletic activities do not limit themselves to the purposes of ostentation, or winning a particular contest while planning to improve the athletic abilities of the younger generation of Turkey. The main principle is to ensure physical involvement and education for Turkish people of every age”.  


M. Kemal Atatürk


As the Physical Education Department, our aim is to instill a love for sports in the student body, towards making them see sports as a part of their lives. Our main objectives are to impart basic knowledge, skills, behavior and habits of sports and physical education, to develop an understanding of the benefits of sports, inspire an involvement in sports in free time, enhancing fair-play, improve self-confidence and willingness to take responsibilities. To meet these objectives, basic skills in many branches of sports including basketball, volleyball, football, track and field, tennis are taught in physical education classes by making extensive use of all school facilities and resources. The physical education department also provides necessary accomodations to channel students athletic abilities and interests into school team practice.

The physical education class aims to integrate basic athletic skills in students’ daily lives. The desired learning outcome when organizing activities related to movement training is to impart knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary for each student to take part in sports in their own capacity. The purposes of such activities vary from health and vigor to entertainment, aesthetics, and improving the performance and self-confidence of students. Through the activities and games, which is an essential part of our class, we develop student psychomotor (strength, agility, swiftness etc.), social (leadership, tolerance, friendship, respect for rules and others) and cognitive (comprehension, interpretation, enquiry, making correct decisions fastly, etc.) skills. In our classes, students are evaluated with regard to their athletic abilities and interests based on observations, and some participate in competitive teams. It is our greatest aim to see our students as individuals who have acquired a habit of life-long involvement in sports.

Student Learning Outcomes


  • Demonstrate competency in movement patterns and kinesthetic skills
  • Demonstrates an understanding of concepts, principles, rules, strategies and tactics attached to movement when learning about a physical activity
  • Achieves and maintains participation in physical activity in a level to improve health.
  • Participates in physical activities on a regular basis.
  • Demonstrates personal and social responsibility in a physical activity environment.