Year of Foundation


Number of Students


Number of Graduates


Grade Levels

5 levels: Prep and four years of high school

Number of Teachers

84 teachers in 2020-2021 Academic Year

117 including office staff

Number of Graduates Since Establishment


Average Class Size

Prep level 20 (The class size varies between 20-22 based on the grade level).

Number of Boarding Students

Girls: 59; Boys : 69

IB Diploma Programme

Tarsus American College was authorized to offer the IB Diploma Program in 2004 and continues to offer the international diploma as the only IBDP school in the Meditteranean region. At the end of grade 10, students decide about whether they would like to pursue the IB program starting from their grade 11 year. With the successful completion of a two-year program in grades 11 and 12, they graduate with two diplomas: national high school diploma and the international IB diploma.

CIS Accreditation

Our school applied in 2004 for an accreditation by European Council of International Schools (ECIS), the accrediting institution at that time, being one of the first schools in Turkey to receive accreditation. What makes CIS important for education is its emphasis on ongoing improvement, rather than achieving a quality standard. TAC’s accreditation, in this light, were renewed in 2006 and 2011. Tarsus American College continues to undertake work towards reaccreditation by the CIS in 2016-2017 Academic Year.

Academic Departments

Turkish Language and Literature, English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Second Foreign Language, Physical Educations, Arts


The electives offered by Tarsus American College are distributed according to the Turkish Ministry approved course distribution schedule. These elective courses are offered to students on the basis of their interests, talents and future career goals.

School Hours

Classes start at 8:30. They end at different times depending on the day.

The lunch break is 45 minutes.

Language of Instruction

Cultural courses are taught in Turkish. In addition to the core English courses, Science and Math lessons, as well as some electives, are offered in English.

Second Foreign Language Options

German, French

Student Admission

Our school admits students according to the set contingency on the basis on a ranking list using the score obtained dividing the arithmetic average of the scores from the centralized exams administered by the Ministry of Education and the scores from the Turkish, Math, Science and Technology and History of Turkish Republic and Ataturk classes. 

Prep Program


TAC Prep English is designed to help each and every student who is accepted to the school develop the skills needed to be successful in grade 9.  The primary focus is on English language skill development and students take 23 hours of English language instruction.


 A central part of the Prep year is the development of organizational skills, study habits, critical thinking strategies, and the ability to transfer skills from one setting to another. The development of these skills is embedded in the construction of individual classroom activities as well as a guiding principal of the Prep Field Day activities. 


Cities Where TAC’s Boarding Students Come From

 İstanbul, Mersin, Niğde, Konya, Gaziantep, Adana, Antalya, Bingöl,

 Kadirli/Osmaniye, Ankara, Kahramanmaraş, Karaman, TRNC/Nicosia, Mardin, Tunceli, Ordu, Bursa, Nevşehir, Kocaeli, Kayseri, Çorum, Aydın, Hatay, İzmir, Balıkesir, Aksaray, Kars, Adıyaman, Samsun, Çanakkale

Traditional School Activities and Extra-Curriculars

 Projects with Sister Schools, English Lessons fort he School Staff, Turkish Lessonbs for young Syrian Immigrants, Bookmobile, Golden Stickler Film Festival, Science Fair and Social Studies Fair, Field trips to NASA and CERN, Turkish International Model United Nations (TIMUN), The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN), International Schools Theatre Association (ISTA), Destination Imagination (DI), Duke of Edinburgh Certificate program, Science Knowledge Bowl, Philosophy Day, Science/Social Studies/Leadership/Community Service Fairs of all SEV american High Schools, Founders’ Day, Turkish debate tournaments, Vodafone Music Contest

Some External Contests and Exams Which Our Students Attend

 TUBİTAK Contests, Public Speaking Contests, IELTS, Avrupa Dil Pasaportu

 sınavları (DELF, FIT), SAT, PSAT, Hypatia, Music Contests, Photography Contest,  

 Michigan Exam, Matematic Exam (Pascal-Cayley-Fermat and Freyer-Glois-Hypatia)

Some Examples of Community Service Projects

 Spending time with child oncology patients in hospitals

 Building a cat shelter as part of the Tarsus Animal Shelter  

 Spending time and sharing with the senior residents of the Senior Residents Homes and Centers

 Bookmobile trips to Kaleburcu Village School

 Bookomible trips to Ulaş Village School

 Organizing fundraisers to cover the needs of the Kaleburcu Village School and supporting the school

 Beach cleaning in Adanalıoğlu

 Offering mathematics, English, dance and sports courses to the neighboring state school

 Turkish lessons for the children of the Syrian immigrants


Popular post-secondary programs of choice by TAC graduates  

 1. Engineering

 2. Administrations Sciences

 3. Medicine

 4. Law

Most popular Turkish universities byTAC graduates

 1. KOÇ UNIVERSITY                                                                                6. YEDITEPE UNIVERSITY

 2. BAHÇEŞHİR UNIVERSITY                                                                  7. ISTANBUL TEKNİK UNIVERSITY





Rate of students who are placed into state universities, or into private universities on scholarship


Rate of students who choose to study overseas

About 27%

Annual tuition fees (2017-2018)

 72.000.- TL

Annual boarding fees

 7-day boarding 35.000.- TL

 5-day boarding 24.500.- TL (is added to the yearly tuition fees)

 The boarding fees include 3 meals per day, for 7 days of the week.