“SEV denotes love. It connotes loving humanity and serving human beings.”

The Foundation for Health and Education (SEV) was incorporated in 1968 by graduates of the İzmir, Tarsus and Üsküdar American High Schools (American Board Schools). Established with the aim of serving the developing Turkey foreseen by Atatürk, the foundation targets to sustain the superior quality of its institutions.

Trustees and members of the Board work on a voluntary basis at SEV, which is managed jointly by a Board of Trustees consisting mostly of graduates of the American Board Schools, and a Board of Directors elected by the Board of Trustees. Other duties in the foundation are carried out by a professional team working within a framework formed by specific rules.

Thanks to their success in their respective fields, you are very familiar with the SEV institutions: Üsküdar American Academy, American Collegiate Institute in Izmir, Tarsus American College, SEV American College, Üsküdar SEV Schools, İzmir SEV Schools, Tarsus SEV Schools,  as well as SEV Printing, Publishing and Education Co. and the SEV American Hospital in Gaziantep.

The SEV Schools were founded by SEV in 1997, in order to expand its services in education based on its expertise in the field, after the law regarding 8 year uninterrupted mandatory elementary education  was enacted.

The Redhouse Publishing House was restructured under the Foundation in 1996 and assumed the name SEV Matbaacılık ve Yayıncılık Eğitim Ticaret A.Ş. (SEV Printing, Publishing and Education Co.) (SEV-YAY). As successor to the Redhouse dictionaries, SEV-YAY is active in the field of dictionary publishing, as well as providing schools’ textbooks.

The SEV American Hospital in Gaziantep was founded in 1879 as Anatolia’s first modern medical hospital. The hospital provides health screening, medical training meetings and public health services as well as diagnostic and treatment services.