It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to Tarsus American College.  I invite you to learn about our traditions and history, our commitment to developing intellectual and personal character, and the wonderful resources and opportunities our school offers.  The 2020-2021 school year marks our 132nd anniversary as an educational institution and there is much to celebrate:


  • a history of outstanding student achievement and academic accomplishments;
  • a vibrant student life full of exciting opportunities in Turkey and throughout the world;
  • an excellent university placement and graduation record - our graduates attend the top universities in Turkey, Europe, the United States, and throughout the world. 


Leaders for Turkey; Leaders for the World serves as the motto of our institution and has fortified our mission since our founding in 1888.  It is this principle which continues to guide our students, faculty and staff, and we hope it is apparent as you learn more about our institution.


A culture of leadership and service has served as the cornerstone of our College over our history. We continue to meet the challenges we face today, evolving into a stronger and healthier institution, delivering an exemplary model of education in Turkey.


The school’s culture reflects the best that traditions have to offer along with a commitment to embracing an ever-changing world.  Welcome to TAC and I believe you will come to understand and appreciate why our community is considered home and family to so many.  




Eric Trujillo

Head of School






I greet you with love and respect in the excitement of embarking on a new year.


We are on the brink of another year when our school, established in 1888 in Tarsus, a city which has been home to many civilizations since 2000 years ago, will harness the united energy of its community towards serving civilization and modernity. Tarsus American College, which takes its roots from both universal values of honesty, knowledge, tolerance, citizenship and international understanding and the Turkish Republic’s founding values of secularism and modernity as set out by its founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk has contributed to national education for 132 years. Times change, trends change, and the processes of teaching and learning evolve according to the needs and conditions which emerge. The world is rapidly changing and transforming. There is a change in all areas with regard to accessing, using, transferring and producing information.


Education, which is the process of bringing about behavior change in an individual, should take its share from this rapid change and naturally be engaged in self-renewal, as the ways and the pace of access to information change the individual's expectation from education. Information is now everywhere. The task of a school is to educate individuals who can produce, not memorize, information. The aim is to develop the learner’s skills of understanding, analyzing and problem solving. Innovative and creative thinking develops versatile and critical thinking.


The most prominent feature of education today is that it is student-centered with the goal of helping each child recognize his or her own values ​​and to prepare them to contribute to society through the lens of these values. Our institution has always kept, and will continue to keep, abreast of changes in new educational trends and programs.


Yet, there is an unchanging dimension in the understanding of education which normally and naturally lends itself to change: the maintenance and sustainment of social culture. The culture of a given society and its value judgements should be carried on to new generations through education. Taking responsibility for one’s learning and the use of various sources rather than being presented with ready and stereotyped knowledge, is one of the cores of this culture and this new understanding of education.


In this age of rapid consumption and change when there is not enough time anymore for anyone, the most basic foundation for the sense of success is our social culture and values. Our school has traditions. In an institution which internalizes essential human and global concepts such as knowledge, honesty, tolerance, citizenship and international mindedness, everyone needs to approach one another with respect and tolerance and maintain a climate of peace and solidarity. An individual who reflects, questions, thinks creatively and critically does not see themselves superior to others, does not judge or dominate others. They are egalitarian and participatory; they help and share. This spirit should be reflected in the most common situations of school life and the daily relationships it harbors. Only then can a real understanding of education be promoted.


A “real and strong education” reveals the talents of its students. Processing these talents to the benefit of both individual's own goals and the goals of the broader society will be the real success of such an educational process. I want to add, as a new member of this great family which, with its motto "Leaders for Turkey, Leadership for the World" has raised valuable learners, has contributed citizens for Turkey and the world for so many years, that our most important duty as educators is to be in harmony with these changing realities and the new educational trends at the maximum level. Mindful of this responsibility, we should continue to structure our school according to the requirements of modern education in a climate of peace and solidarity.


I wish everyone a happy and rewarding academic year!



Ahu Arslan