We are very pleased to welcome you to Tarsus American School, comprised of Tarsus American College (TAC) and Tarsus SEV Elementary School, two of seven schools run by the SEV (Health and Educatıon) Foundation.

Founded in 1888, TAC has been offering a top-quality English immersion and university preparation experience for many years. It has long been renowned as the finest school in the area and indeed one of the best in Turkey. Its graduates move on not only to attend some of the finest universities in the world, but to assume adult roles of great influence and leadership inside and out of the country. There is an extremely active alumni association, with past graduates maintaining a close and supportive relationship with both the school and each other.  It is believed that once you are a member of the TAC family, you are a member for life.  One of the factors that makes this school truly great is that sense of lifelong commitment and connection.  Being a graduate of Tarsus Amerıcan School is something to be treasured.

The excellent staff at TAC/SEV work together to provide a balanced education – very strong academics combined with sports, cultural and social justice programs in a bilingual setting.  With a mix of foreign – mainly from North America, but also Australia, Britain, and New Zealand – and Turkish staff there are great opportunities for students to explore issues from a truly international perspective.  We hold high expectations of staff and students in all areas and our mission and goals reflect a commitment to uphold the ideals of Ataturk while also ensuring the student is ready to transition to a modern world. Our students are focused, respectful and very talented.  We commit to working closely wıth family and community members to continue to grow and improve.

The school is fully accredited through the Council of International Schools and offers the IB Diploma program as an option in Grades 11 and 12. Our programs seek to align the rigorous Turkısh National Curriculum with the IB Courses and to  have all of our students fit the IB Learner profile as we develop bilingual, inquiring, open-minded and principled citizens of the world. We have vibrant fine arts, athletic and service programs. Our motto ‘Leaders for Turkey; Leadership for the World’ helps us focus on this task and the tremendous success of our graduates attest to the fine work done on this campus.

All of us associated with Tarsus Amerıcan School realize how fortunate we are to be here – students, staff and parents. It is truly a school all of us can be proud of. We look forward with hope and enthusiasm to the 2018/2019 school year and it is our wish you will find this virtual introduction to our school informative and helpful.

All the best for an amazing year!!

Andrew (Andy) Leathwood

Head of School



I am proud to welcome you as the Principal of Tarsus American College, the school which acts on the motto "Leaders for Turkey, Leadership for the World", 

As the administrators and teachers of Tarsus American College, we are committed to providing our students an academic environment which will help them realize their potential to the best of their ability. We aim to raise students as open-minded, well-balanced critical thinkers who have strong community awareness and committment to Ataturk ideals. We believe that TAC students, making the best use of the national and international programs offered at TAC, will become contributing and global citizens in the future, who try to make the world a more peaceful place.

In 2018-2019 academic year, all our endeavors will be dedicated to improving the academic success of our students and communication between all constituents of Tarsus American College.

Since TAC website is an important communication tool for us, I invite our students and parents to follow our activities through the website. I hope that it will also allow other visitors of the webpage to receive information about the unique academic opportunities provide by Tarsus American College, a school which has been raising leaders since 1888.  


Günseli Yüksel