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                          OKUL MÜDÜRÜNÜN MESAJI


Tarsus Amerikan Koleji'ne hoş geldiniz. TAC'ın zengin ve canlı bir geçmişi vardır; tarihimiz ve güncel eğitim programlarımız hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinmek için web sitemizi keşfetmeye davetlisiniz. TAC'ın ilgi çekici ve sıkı bir uluslararası okul eğitimi sağlamadaki 135. yılına başlarken kutlanacak çok şey var:


  • Mükemmel öğrenci başarısı, akademik ve
    atletik başarılardan oluşan uzun bir tarih
  • The IBDP exam average of 36 points for TAC students continues to be
    above the world average
  • 22.95% of TAC students placed in the top 10,000 and 68.85% of TAC
    students placed in the top 100,000 on the Turkish National exam
  • There are diverse and exciting academic and extra-curricular opportunities
    for day and boarding students in Turkey and abroad
  • An excellent graduation record and placement for students in top
    universities in Turkey and around the world
  • A long history of developing successful leaders


TAC is an academically rigorous environment which develops the abilities of students to be confident, capable, and passionate lifelong learners who adapt creatively and innovatively to life and work. At TAC all students attend the prep and grade 9 program. At the end of grade 9 students may select the Turkish National track or apply for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Both options provide an excellent educational experience and prepare students for university in Turkey and abroad.


To join the TAC’s community is to join a family who values the past, present, and future. There is incredible history at TAC that has occurred over the years and we are very proud of our current students’ and alumni’s accomplishments. To be a part of the TAC community is to join a family for life and TAC graduates can be found all over the world. Our students and alumni truly fulfill our school motto, “Leaders for Turkey, Leadership for the world”.


Amanda Sunderman

Head of School









  It is a privilege to be a teacher, a staff member, a student or an alumnus of Tarsus American College, a time-honored, reputable institution, one of the most accomplished in Turkey. The most important factors contributing to this privilege is the dedicated implementation of the school's philosophy, which has kept the student and learning at its core since 1888, by the school teachers and leaders, and the outstanding efforts of the school’s alumni to maintain continued improvement of the school from the very first day.



While the holistic development and academic knowledge of TAC students are supported by a staff of Turkey's strongest educators from the moment they walk in, they also engage in national and global issues, learning to a sensitive attitude, take responsibility for their actions, and make sure that all their efforts are sustainable.


TAc’s boarding students are supported by their teachers, guidance counselors and school leaders in a safe and healthy environment with their cognitive and social development as well as towards establishing strong connections with each other and the school.


The academic program offered by Tarsus American College has principles of permanent learning in its core so that the students can thrive in a healthy, safe environment where their rights are protected. Individual differences and needs are considered and catered for in all classroom, club and extra-curricular activities. Fullfilling this mission, we are proud to graduate TAC students who have grown as creative enquirers, who are willing to take challenges, who explore and enjoy new developments, who are self-aware and at peace with themselves and their community.


The graduates of TAC, which has also been successfully offering the International Baccalaureate program since 2004, adhere to the principles of the program starting from the preparatory year, and use these crucial learning skills at the university level in Turkey and abroad. While internalizing these skills, they show empathy, respect and fairness to others, and gratitude to their family and country.


With all its constituents, Tarsus American College is a learning community which is dedicated to Atatürk's principles and ideals. It looks to the future with hope and with an even stronger commitment to these ideals in the year which marks the 100th anniversary of the proclamation of the Republic of Turkey.


As teachers, students, staff members and graduates who feel the privilege of being a part of Tarsus American College since 1888, we will continue to work hard to sustain the values of our Foundation while cultivating leaders for Turkey and the world.



Erkan Gültekin