Tarsus American College, one of the longest-established schools of Turkey, has been home to many successful graduates in Turkey and the world. The institution which maintained this unique quality since its establishment continues to draw large attention and demand. Thousands of TAC graduates over 133 years include politicians, lawyers, engineers, doctors, economists, artists, athletes, scientists, industrialists, diplomats and journalists.

Acting on its motto "Leaders for Turkey, Leadership for the World", Tarsus American College continues to offer teaching and learning programs which are aligned with the changing needs of the modern world. 

TAC is affiliated with the Health and Education Foundation (SEV).

With the honor of its rich tradition, the pride of thousands of graduates, enthusiasm of its idealistic students and the commitment of its strong academic staff, the school  contributes well-educated individuals to our country as a “big family”.

Let us walk down the memory lane of Tarsus American College:
Important Days
1888 - "St.Pauls Institute at Tarsus " starts education with eight students.
1888 - 1911 -  Instruction is carried out in the schools first building "Shepard Hall .
1911 - Stickler Hall , which is a symbol of TAC today, is added to the campus.
1915 - The school’s name is changed to Tarsus College during the First World War and the school starts to admit Turkish
Muslim students.
1930 - The school graduates its first alumni under the name " Tarsus American College "
1954 - "Friendship Hall " building opens.
1960 - "Unity Hall " building opens.
1979 - The school starts co-ed education. Alongside 506 boys, there are 35 girls in the student body.
1986 - The school graduates its first coed alumni.The boarding section, available from the preparatory year, is closed.
1988 - "Centennial Hall " construction is completed and opened to service
1989 - "Sadik Pasha Konak" is rented and starts to be used as an annex to the school buildings.
1990   Maynard Hall is added to the school campus.
1997   An extensive renovation of Stickler building, the symbol of he school, begins.
1999   Stickler Hall, which was not used for some time, is re-opened for use.
2002   The school re-launches its boarding section for boys.
2003   TAC initiates a 4-year high school / lycee program.
2004   TAC receives authorization to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme.
2005   Education starts towards ‘IB Diploma’ Programme exams
2007   The school graduates its first cohort of ‘Four Year High School’ and ‘IB Diploma’ programs
2007   TAC receives accreditation from the Council of International Schools (CIS)
2008   Boarding facility opens for girls  

2011   TAC continues to prepare its students for the future through knowledge and skills cultivated in an academic setting with international standards

2012   Council of International Schools (CIS) confirms re-accreditation of Tarsus American College and Tarsus SEV Elementary School for an additional five years.

2013   Opening of new campus in September provides boarding facilities for Tarsus American College and an elementary school building for Tarsus SEV.

2014   Additional facilities (auditorium, sports hall, cafeteria) which complete the construction project planned for the new campus are opened.

2015   Second five-year IB evaluation report is completed.

2017   Council of International Schools (CIS) grants re-accreditation for another five years to Tarsus American College and Tarsus SEV Elementary Schools. 

2019   Sadık Paşa Mansion is opened