Let us walk down the memory lane of Tarsus American College.
Important Days
1888 - "St.Pauls Institute at Tarsus " starts education with eight students.
1888 - 1911 -  Instruction is carried out in the schools first building "Shepard Hall .
1911 - Stickler Hall , which is a symbol of TAC today, is added to the campus.
1915 - The school’s name is changed to Tarsus College during the First World War and the school starts to admit Turkish
Muslim students.
1930 - The school graduates its first alumni under the name " Tarsus American College "
1954 - "Friendship Hall " building opens.
1960 - "Unity Hall " building opens.
1979 - The school starts co-ed education. Alongside 506 boys, there are 35 girls in the student body.
1986 - The school graduates its first coed alumni.The boarding section, available from the preparatory year, is closed.
1988 - "Centennial Hall " construction is completed and opened to service
1989 - "Sadik Pasha Konak" is rented and starts to be used as an annex to the school buildings.
1990 - Maynard Hall is added to the school campus.
1997 - An extensive renovation of Stickler building, the symbol of he school, begins.
1999 - Stickler Hall, which was not used for some time, is re-opened for use.
2002 - The school re-launches its boarding section for boys.
2003 - TAC initiates a 4-year high school / lycee program.
2004 - TAC receives authorization to offer the International Baccalaureate (IB) Programme.
2005 - Education starts towards ‘IB Diploma’ Programme exams
2007 - The school graduates its first cohort of ‘Four Year High School’ and ‘IB Diploma’ programs
2007 - TAC receives accreditation from the Council of International Schools (CIS)
2008 - Boarding facility opens for girls  
2011 - TAC continues to prepare its students for the future through knowledge and skills cultivated in an academic setting with
international standards