From Textbook to Real Life


The Second Foreign Language Department visited Tarsus Zoo with Prep students on Monday, April 29th. The trip was a chance to take classroom learning to a real-life environment and experiment with the five senses.         



In this ‘classroom without walls,’ our students freely explored language with animals. Several of the students were very excited to see some species for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


The motto of ‘having fun while learning’ was stressed as the students received class notes from their teachers at the entrance of the zoo, and were asked to complete the exercises during their exploration of the zoo grounds. The students and teachers used the zoo as a classroom to practice vocabulary and grammar patterns.



At the end of the day, both students and teachers were delighted to be a part of this experiential learning process. As the group finished the school day which extended beyond the textbook and classroom to visit outside under the warm sun, the teachers were proud to have served the school vision and mission of raising individuals with environmental awareness and compassion for animals.