Spring Awards Ceremony


Tarsus American College's traditional Spring Awards Ceremony took place on Wednesday, June 19 at the Talas Auditorium. The ceremony was hosted by Mrs. Özlem Düzgün, the teacher of English, and Mr. Mikail İncir, Head of the Department of Turkish Language and Literature. The ceremony started with the opening speech of the principal, Mrs. Günseli Yüksel. The distribution of certificates and medals started with the presentation of ‘Students of the Year’ awards. These awards, presented to students selected among those who are academically successful and who contribute positively to the social atmosphere of the school, were announced by the respective department chairs. Afterwards, Echo’19 band members, who have contributed countless songs and great concerts in various musical genres and who dedicated their time in rehearsals and concerts after school and during the weekends, were presented their certificates. Following the presentation of the honor and discipline committee awards, the recipient of the “Halil İbrahim Akış History Award” was announced. This award is presented to one of the TAC students who exhibit exemplary behaviors which reflect the mission and vision of our school. The recipient of the award this year is Mina Yenice from grade 11. Certificates were also presented to those students who volunteer their time to regular community services, one of the integral traditions and mission themes of our school. The TAC students who qualified for a medal and a certificate of distinction at the international mathematics competitions organized by Canada Waterloo University were also recognized at the Spring Awards Ceremony. A prize which is awarded for the first time this year, ‘Young Writer of the Year’ was presented to Damla Duman, a grade 9 student.


Rase-SEV Dynamic Award, organized in the four categories of art, science and technology, leadership and social responsibility, and sports to recognize young talents that contribute greatly to the school community and society. Gönül Meliha Manav was the winner of Rase-SEV Dynamic Award for 2019-2020 and received a 20% scholarship.


Students were recognized for their outstanding performance in many other areas as well.


The award ceremony ended with the closing remarks of the Head of School, Mr. Andrew Leathwood.