Grade 9 students - Job Shadowing


With the follow-up and guidance of our counselor Mrs. Özlem Algan, forty three students from grade 9 participated in the job shadowing activity and successfully completed the project. In grade 9 where choosing an academic path towards a future professional career is gaining importance, students are seeking answers to the important question "What is the professional environment in which I see myself in the future?” Within the job shadowing initiative, our students spent a full day with a specialist working in their chosen professional area. They got involved in the routine work processes and had a chance to experience the business environment. The practice is called “shadowing” since the students are entirely involved in the daily operations of the professional and spend time together with that person like their "shadow".


TAC students who spent the day in the practical areas of various medical fields including neurosurgery, gynecology, emergency medicine, cardiology, as well as law, pharmacy, conservatory, architecture, aircraft engineering and factory, expressed their pleasure and the productive nature of the opportunity, adding that they would continue to be involved in it in the future.