A Review of the Homeroom Lesson and Activities 


TAC joined forces once again with Akdeniz University lecturers Assc. Dr. Gülfem Çakır and Dr. Evrim Çetinkaya Yıldız for a 2-day training with an aim to review homeroom period activities to be offered in the second semester. Homeroom teachers and guidance counselors responsible for grade 9 participated in the training. 


After the first workshop in November, the planning of the activities to be carried out in the first half of the 2nd semester was completed in four separate sessions over the course of two days. During the morning sessions, the school’s guidance counselors Özlem Algan, İlker Kaba, Caner Aydın and Serhat Köse looked at various class and group activities that could be implemented by the counseling department. The afternoon meetings held with homeroom teachers focused on the efficiency of the activities, challenges, advantages and impacts of classroom activities.


The counseling activities, enriched with current practices that contribute to the student’s personal, social, academic and professional development were further explained by academicians. During the workshop where our teachers actually implemented the activities and planned the activities for the future, it was observed that the role of homeroom teacher was further strengthened and that teachers gained a better mastery of counseling practices.