An Exemplary Community Outreach Initiative from TAC Robotics Club


TAC students stand out in their community with their social sensitivity as well as their academic success. Students from the TAC Robotics Club, Gönül Meliha Manav and Esat Tuna Erdağı took on a leading role in organizing a meaningful meeting with a middle school in their region to help improve their community. 


TAC students, who met with 6th and 7th graders of Mustafa İstemihan Talay Middle School in Tarsus, led a 3-hour workshop in the field of robotics and software, which is becoming increasingly important in today’s education.


The workshop used real life based exercises such as construction of parking sensors, LED lamps and traffic lights using Arduino. The middle school students were observed to be very eager and curious during the projects as they discovered new things after the necessary installations and programming of arduino electronic cards.


This event was of special importance for our student Gönül Meliha Manav, since her ‘students’ were coming from the middle school where she graduated.