“Zero Waste” Presentation of the Science Department


The disposal of waste without being sorted in the recycling and recovery process causes serious loss of resources both materially and in terms of energy. In this context, "Zero Waste Project" has as its goals to prevent waste, to use resources more efficiently, to prevent or minimize waste generation by reviewing the causes of it, and to collect and recycle waste at its source.


The “Zero Waste Project” was undertaken by the Presidency of the Turkish Republic, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Environment and Urbanization for “recycling”.  This is an issue to be emphasized by our country and globally, and was launched in October 2017 and received applications from more than 32000 schools.


Within the scope of this project, an informative presentation on “Zero Waste Project” was given to the teachers by our biology teacher Mr. Fatih Metin on 08.01.2020. The presentation included the initiatives that were completed and planned to be implemented in our school in connection with this project. This very effective and enjoyable presentation reminded all about the importance of “Zero Waste” idea.