TAC’s History Club Inspired by the Historical Wealth of Local Geography


Inspired by the historical wealth of the geography we live in, Tarsus American College History Club dedicates some of its time to visitings sights nearby. This approach takes the History Club beyond lectures and presentations, transcending the borders of the classroom in history teaching towards local visits. While the club aims to tap into student awareness about the  political, religious, social and economic role of Tarsus throughout history, they are also expected to acquire the historical empathy skills by examining the experiences of structures such as churches, mosques, masjids, bazaars and baths which they see. The visit on Wednesday, February 26 contained stops such as St. Paul’s church, an important landmark for the Christian world, the place where Bilal-i Habeşi, who was the muezzin of Prophet Muhammed, led the prayer and namaz during his visit to the places conquered during the time of Prophet Ömer, historic Tarsus houses, Kırkkaşık Bedesten, which was commissioned in 1579 by İbrahim Bey, son of Piri Pasha from the Ramazanogulları Principality.