Interact Club donations to Lütfiye Benli İlköğretim Okulu


Çukurova TAC Interact members were excited to hear that they would finally be able to visit the Lütfiye Benli İlköğretim Okulu to hand over their donations.


Donations of toiletries, cleaning supplies and stationery items were handed over to the school’s principal Mr Ersin EROĞLU.


TAC students were separated into three classrooms with the guidance of the principal and proceeded to engage the students with fun activities such as Chinese telephone (kulaktan kulaga), hot and cold, balloon cup transport among others. Students were treated with lollipops before we said our goodbyes.


We aim to continue working with this school as they are in constant need of these supplies.


To help us with these and other outreach events we invite you to our weekly meetings in U26 or contact one of our three faculty advisors.