Teacher Address For The Internatıonal Women’s Day


Speaking on behalf of all women of TAC on March 9, Mrs. Dilek Fesli, teacher of philosophy, started her remarks by emphasizing the meaning and importance of International Women's Day. Fesli who pointed out that in today’s world, women are able to make a creative difference within the dominantly male forms of language and thought by producing their own areas and discourse, talked about the important milestones in history towards accomplishing this goal. This should ideally be a day of remembrance, rather than a celebration. Tarsus American College teachers and students told us about the history of those who helped build today’s world; women of the working class starting with the French revolution to the industrial revolution, those who actively participated in the revolutions of 1830 and 1848, the female organizations which developed in the US. followed by England, 129 women who went on strike for improvement of living conditions on 8 March 1857 and lost their lives fighting for this cause - reminding once again the struggles symbolized by women, helping to put the day into context.