School-Parent Interaction Meeting on Addictions


The series of school-parent interaction meetings organized by TAC’s Counseling Department continued with the topic “Addictions”. The meeting was co-facilitated by Mrs. Özlem Algan, coordinator of counseling services and guidance counselors, Mr. İlker Kaba, and Mr. Caner Aydın. The speakers addressed all areas of addiction, especially cigarette, alcohol, and technology addiction. Technology addiction was introduced as a comparatively newer problem area due to the fact that technology has become the main means of communication in recent years, and because of the increasing use of social media and virtual games by children and adolescents.


The meeting was further enriched and made pertinent with the active participation of our parents and the sharing of examples from their family lives. The guidance counselors who facilitated the meeting responded to parents' questions under the topic and used examples to illustrate addiction behaviors that can be observed in students. In this process, the protective role of parents and the ways of battling with the problem of addiction were also discussed.