October 29 Republic Day Ceremony


On October 28, 2020… we are reminded of the most exciting, uplifting sentence that could have been uttered on any October 28 in history: “Gentlemen, we will proclaim the republic tomorrow!"


The "Republic Day Assembly" prepared by TAC’s Turkish Literature and Arts departments took us back to that day, making us relive the excitement and pride of the first day. 


Following the remarks shared by administrators with the TAC community, we watched the presentations by students from different grade levels.


After listening to the poem "Blue is a Habit", we attended a virtual, refreshing art exhibition and watched how young talents transcended boundaries and shone with the light of the Turkish republic, to the accompaniment of the "Turkish March". With the upbeat “10th Year Anthem”, the excitement of the approaching centennial anniversary surrounded us. "You can find the strength you need in the noble blood flowing in your veins" Ataturk said. Confident in the strength we received from the republic ‘regardless of the circumstances we are in’, we called out to him. 


Looking at the republic as ‘our sun’ in the ‘Ballad of Sun Drinkers” we realized how much we missed our campus with the beautiful images that accompanied the ECHO'22 concert.


Happy 97th birthday, beloved TURKISH REPUBLIC!