Prep Boarding Students Orientation


Students, dormitory administrators, school administrators and the counseling department met at the Prep Boarding Students Orientation in Talas Auditorium at 16:00 on 11.10.2020.


After the school and dormitory administrators introduced themselves, the program continued with the introduction of dormitory rules.


Dr. Ali Cerrahoğlu explained about medical services and the infirmary.


Then, Mr. İlker Kaba, the Coordinator of the Counseling Department took the floor for the introduction of counseling services. Introducing guidance counselors Caner AYDIN ​​and Serhat KÖSE responsible for the grade level, İlker KABA provided details about the department and its operations. 


After dinner, students gathered in the school garden for the evening activities. They formed a circle to play the name learning game. After finding out everyone’s names in this fun activity, students were involved in a “guessing game of hometowns”. 


The program, which continued with question-answers, was immortalized by a group snapshot in the steps of Stickler.