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Certificates for Peer Counselors from The Class of 2023 and 2024


TAC Peer Counseling Project aims to empower TAC students in extending academic, social and emotional support to their peers and younger students. The project draws an increasing number of students every year who volunteer for trainings to become certified peer counselors.


The peer counselors from the class of 2023 and 2024 were unable to receive their certificates in the previous semester due to the pandemic. A certificate ceremony was held at the school between 15-16 September to honor young counselors of TAC from both classes. 


At the ceremony in Sadık Pasha Foyer, which was the culmination of the peer counseling training, students were both proud and excited. In their remarks, Mr. Eric Trujillo, Head of School, Mr. Oğuz Çaylar, Vice Principal and guidance counselors stressed the importance of this training, the value of this role for TAC, and the responsibility it imposes on students. Expressing the importance of the project for him, Mr. Trujillo thanked all students who participated.

As the TAC community, we congratulate the new peer counselors and wish them the best with their endeavors.