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Staff Presentation about the Child Protection Policy


Providing a safe learning environment for children and young people is the primary responsibility of any educational institution. In this context, educators should be able to implement protective, preventive and, when necessary, interventional programs upholding the "best interests of the child".

The Health and Education Foundation (SEV), the not-for-profit organization which oversees our schools, conducts Community Outreach Project on Child Protection in order to raise awareness in this field.  Under the project, trainings and seminars are facilitated for all stakeholders including senior administrators, teachers, cleaning staff and parents, in the seven schools affiliated with SEV.

TAC also undertakes activities within the scope of TAC Child Protection Policy (CPP) under the leadership of the Health and Education Foundation.

At TAC, Child Protection Policy is overseen by the Child Protection Committee, where the membership is renewed in the beginning of each academic year, in coordination with the other SEV Schools and the Foundation. Awareness raising activities are organized to communicate to the stakeholders the principles of TAC Child Protection Policy, which was produced as a result of the work undertaken by this committee.

Every year, all adults involved in the academic lives of our students are informed about the Child Protection Protocol. As part of this, “TAC Child Protection Policy” was presented to the bus drivers of Paşam Turizm, the transportation company, on Friday, September 17, 2021, by. Mr. İlker Kaba, the high school guidance counselor. The presentation touched upon many different aspects of child protection including child neglect and abuse, SEV child protection policy, steps to be followed in child protection concerns and the TAC Child Protection Team was introduced. It was concluded by reminding all school constituents to act with this awareness by Gözde Kıstak, the school’s HR manager.