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A Tribute from Tarsus American To Highly Revered Teachers: Their Names Will Live On


The names of two legendary teachers were immortalized in Tarsus American College, where they taught for many years graduating hundreds of students in Turkey to take up prominent positions in sports, arts, politics, science and others. The names of Haydar Göfer, the Turkish Literature teacher who passed away last year at the age of 102 and Nejat Güngör, who coached champion athletes will live on in TAC buildings.  


Tarsus American College (TAC), one of the longest established schools in Turkey, immortalized the names of two legendary teachers who taught hundreds of students who later took up prominent positions in many fields ranging from sports, arts, science and politics in Turkey and globally. The two buildings on the historic campus were named after Haydar Göfer, the experienced Turkish literature teacher who passed away at the age of 102 last year and Nejat Güngör, the physical education teacher and coached who led TAC’s school teams to national championship trophies in various athletic branches, including basketball and handball.


There were emotional moments in the ceremony as the names of TAC’s iconic teachers were given to the buildings in TAC's 133-year-old historic campus. At the ceremony attended by the families of Haydar Göfer and Nejat Güngör, and many TAC graduates who were taught by them, Mehmet Nane, the Chairman of the Health and Education Foundation, and Güray Erkol, SEV General Manager were also present.




Haydar Göfer, a Turkish literature teacher who worked at Tarsus American College for 27 years where he came from Istanbul with the announcement he saw in 1948 passed away last year at the age of 102. TAC Auditorium is now named after Göfer who taught many students who went on to become businessmen, politicians, senior executives, academics, artists, journalists and writers in Turkey and around the world.




Nejat Güngör, the veteran basketball coach and physical education teacher who passed away last year decided to be a coach after an injury while playing basketball. He contributed greatly to the development and popularity of basketball in Çukurova region. Working at Tarsus American College for years, Güngör sent athletes to national teams, led middle and high school teams to championship trophies. TAC's sports hall is now named “Nejat Güngör Sports Hall”, immortalizing the name of the legendary coach.


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Nejat Güngör


Haydar Göfer

Please click on the newspaper clippings pasted below to read the full press coverage of the naming ceremonies for “Haydar Göfer Auditorium and Nejat Güngör Sports Hall” held on Friday, 15 October.