A Meaningful Community Service Initiative by TAC Students


Established in the 1930s, Kösbucak Primary and Secondary School provides education to 200 students coming from five different villages. Their need for a library mobilized TAC’s prep students who eventually had the opportunity of placing the books, which they had collected through the announcements within the school, in the shelves of the library of the village school together with the host students.


Since it was not possible to take all Prep class students due to health precautions, two Prep students, Asya and Ali Emir, took on the task of representing the students. They were accompanied by Mr. Trujillo, Head of School and Aslı Son, VP in charge of Prep classes. 


The trip organized to deliver the books started with the warm welcome of Durmuş Yılmaz, Kösbucak Primary School Principal, Eyüp Fidan, Secondary School Principal, Yunus Emre Keskin, Primary School Vice Principal and Mehmet Batmaz, Middle School Vice Principal. Afterwards, a school tour was held accompanied by İlhan Sabit Memiş, Branch Manager at the Mersin Provincial Education Office and Erdoğan Tekin, Branch Manager at the Erdemli District Education Office, and then the library, which was now full of books, was visited.


We were touched by the students' interest in the books and their smiles as they looked through them. It was a great source of happiness for us to have expanded the perspectives of students outside of our school with the belief that "every book is a window to the world".


We were all happy that TAC’s class of 2026 showed this sensitivity to helping their community, one of the most important aspects of the TAC ethos, before the first half of the academic year was completed. We were proud to be able to convey the importance of service to society in such a short time to our first-year students.


Carrying the Time-Revered Tradition Into the Future



Strongly committed to developing social responsibility in its students, Tarsus American College continues to bring an increased variety to its community service activities  since the beginning of the 2021-2022 academic year, as well as continuing with its well-established initiatives. Driven by its mission of raising individuals who help their immediate community and society, each academic department at TAC supports the student learning process by undertaking community service projects.



One of TAC's longest established community service projects, the "Bookmobile”, has been taking books to students in the villages in the vicinity of Tarsus since 1961. Tarsus American College will continue to reach out to these students through various projects to help their academic growth as well as well-being.



TAC thanks everyone who contributed and shares with the community its pride about the student leadership exhibited in these endeavors.