Serving the Community: Main Tenet of TAC's Educational Philosophy

Community service work and social service projects are the most fundamental aspects of the school ethos. At TAC, home to community leaders for many generations, awareness raising and community service activities are the foundations of skills which prepare students for real life. The 130-year old service learning culture is being maintained during the current school year through various projects in many areas. 


Cleaning the Historic Gözlükule Mound

In collaboration with the Municipality of Tarsus and Boğaziçi University, TAC’s grade 11 and 12 IB students organized a cleaning campaign at the Gözlükule Mound in the beginning of the year to emphasize the importance of forest areas and the need to protect this historical and cultural legacy which is located right across from the school campus. 

Tarsus Gözlükule Excavations Research Center is located in an old cotton gin factory near the Göztepe Mound, where excavations are conducted under the auspices of Boğaziçi University. The senior academicians which are a part of the Center and TAC students have been working to preserve this historical heritage which is right next to our school.

After the visit to the Research Center, the students cleaned the litter in Gözlükule Mound under the supervision of TAC’s IB CAS Coordinator, Mrs. Fatma Yiğitoğlu. As part of this awareness raising campaign which will continue throughout the year, the drivers of the vehicles parked around the school campus were also informed and warned about not throwing garbage in this historic area, which is also a natural park. TAC thanks all students who have contributed to the campaign.