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Community Service Partnership with Tarsus Alzheimer's Association


With the support of their families, a group of TAC students take the lead in the school’s partnership with Alzheimer's associations, from which they took a forced break during the pandemic. The fact that the activities hosted by the TAC campus has returned is pleasing for all. The students have been involved in various projects in cooperation with the Tarsus Alzheimer's Association since September under the supervision of Fatma Yiğitoğlu, TAC’s CAS Coordinator, including discussions on the importance of the Republic Day of October 29, preparing a video towards Alzheimer's awareness in Mersin, and supporting a handicraft training. For the New Year, they also organized a celebration for approximately 25 senior visitors in Sadik Pasha Foyer, which we hope will be the first of many meaningful activities to take place during the year.