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Celebrating May 19 with a Grand Orchestra

This week, TAC hosted the Çukurova State Symphony Orchestra. As part of the May 19 Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day, Çukurova State Symphony Orchestra treated the TAC Family to a special concert. 

Conducted by Eray İnal, the orchestra performed many tracks from leading composers including Mozart, Albinoni, Brahms and J.Strauss, presenting a musical feast to our students. TAC is honored to support these activities, which contribute to the development of our students' musical culture and appreciation. We would like to thank Sefa Özler and TAC'68 İbrahim Paksoy, who brought the concert to TAC campus.

We would also like to thank Eray İnal, conductor of Çukurova State Symphony Orchestra, and the musicians for this special concert.