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News of Success of Three TAC Students

We have shared during the earlier weeks that the biology project developed by İpek İncel (12C) and Nisan Doğu (12F IB) was selected as a finalist for the Genius Olympiad 2022 Science hosted by Rochester Institute of Technology.

Our students were awarded the Bronze Medal in the Genius Olympiad 2022 Science held in New York.


Another news of success came from the music department:  At the Golden Time Talent UK Music Contest, Efe İnan (11F) received the first place among more than two hundred musical compositions in 15-17 age category with his track “Kleptomania”. 

Youtube link of the track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h98ETK26sp8&t=29s


Our students, who made us proud with their achievements, were presented their awards by Ms. Ahu Arslan, the principal, and their teachers during the closing ceremony on Friday, September 30th.


We congratulate İpek, Nisan and Efe and wish them continued success.