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Justice Between the Lines 


“The Story of a A Murder That Everyone Knows Will be Committed”


On Tuesday, October 11, 2022, IB students of 10-E were involved in the instruction technique of “courtroom” in their study of the book "Red Monday" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez in their Turkish Language and Literature class to bring to light important points that may have been overlooked in the novel. In the courtroom which was set-up to discuss the level of guilt of twin siblings, which partly is related to whether Santiago Nasar committed the crime or not, which was not clarified in the book with the aim of making the reader think. The “verdict” of the student jury and the judge was that the twins were guilty to be convicted with aggravated life sentence.

The students who were also dressed for their roles using their creativity, were successful in playing the various characters in the book. The lesson activity, which encouraged student reflection on the book, helped develop student social skills, self-management, communication, while contributing to their research skills.


We congratulate our students who made us feel, once again, the privilege of being a member of the TAC community with their successful performances.