IBDP Extended Essay (EE) Workshop / Korkut Beriker Library – October 4, 2022 



As part of the "Academic Honesty Awareness Week" on 17-21 October, informative and fun activities are organized at TAC to support the community understanding of academic honesty.


The library research skills lessons held in the school library help guide our students throughout their academic lives. 

On October 4, 2022, activities were held around the Extended Essay (EE) process, which is a core element of IBDP, for 10 IB and 11 IB students, as well as those supporting ethical learning.

In the first part of the workshop, information which guide the "ethical use of information, as creating citations, in-text citations, creating works cited page, use of online citation generators and online databases" were shared.

In the second part, group activities were organized. Students who participated in discussions on various academic honesty scenarios examined the sources used and cited in sample research paper.