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TAC Students Meet with the Students of the Village School 


With its mission of raising community leaders for 134 years, Tarsus American College promotes service thinking in students from a very early age. Our students, who are mindful of their social responsibilities, grow as successful leaders for the future. The history of community services at Tarsus American College dates back to the school’s establishment.


TAC believes in the important need of raising well-balanced individuals who are skilled, educated, respectful of others’ rights, who believe in serving the country and humanity towards protecting the rights of today’s and future generations and to improve the country and humanity. To this end, it promotes voluntary activities which provide benefits for their community. 


Community service activities at TAC are growing and being restructured according to the needs of the school over the year. 


Our students organized the first one of the "Village School Visits", which are scheduled for every Saturday morning this year, on October 15th. In addition to the book reading activity to support the reading habit of the young students of the village school, they also involved the host students in various educational activities.


TAC is proud of its student volunteers, who will continue to touch lives through many more community service projects for the rest of the year.