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TAC IB CAS students explore the mystical history of Tarsus through as trash collectors.

TAC IB CAS students continue to show their awareness towards their immediate environment through collecting trash in Gözlükule Mount and Excavation Area. 

IB CAS students explored the mystical 9000 year old history of Tarsus through an impressive lecture by the head of Bogazici University History Department Professor Aslı Ozyar and Dr. Paolo Maranzana. Students have been extensively informed about the excavation area and its 22-year history.

Collecting trash has been redefined in students' minds this year after Prof. Özyar explained the place of archaeology in global contexts. She has deepened the meaning of “trash collecting” and has explained how trash turns into science. The students have been assigned to explore the trash as a concept and to establish the link between fantasy and reality. 

We would like to thank our students and the teacher for their endless effort to raise awareness about the environment they live in.