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“Books in Disguise” Festival at TAC


Prep students were treated to a wonderful experience at the “Books in Disguise” Festival, which saw its fifth year at TAC. The event, which was led by Ms. Aslı Akın and Ms. Sevil Ceber, teachers from the Department of Turkish Language Arts, was designed to show students that, beyond being written manuscripts, books hold deeper meanings and that they can be “alive”. The students, who prepared for the festival in three different categories, discovered how many different covers under which a book can be “disguised”.


The department made sure that each prep student start reading a Turkish book in the beginning of the year outside their prescribed reading. After finishing their books, they redesigned the covers of the books, thought about the costume of a character, and created a trailer for the book. Before the names of the authors and books were revealed, they picked the ones they liked, only by looking at the cover designs, when the books were exhibited in Sadık Pasha on the day of the event.


In the ceremony held in Talas Auditorium, the awards decided by three different juries for the three categories were presented: Umut Alaltun was awarded for "Best Book Cover Design", while Adar Yankı Şener received the prize for the "Most Creative Costume Design", and Alisa Damla Ateş for the "Best Video" category.


The prep students, who designed stunning costumes and books, ended the day with a reception and taking snapshots in front of Stickler.