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TAC Alumni Inspire Students on the TAC Career Day

TAC’s traditional Career Day, which has the goal of introducing to students various career choices, paths of career development and business life, was successfully held on Tuesday, December 20, with the collaboration of the Counseling Department and the TAC Alumni Association. As every year, TAC hosted 22 graduates of its own, prominent and successful representatives of their professional realm, who shared detailed information about their fields as well as personal career adventures, inspiring our students in setting their own career goals. At the Career Day, which introduced to TAC’s 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th graders different career options which they may consider pursuing, each student attended four different sessions which they had previously chosen in the homeroom periods.


The event, which started with the opening reception which brought together guests, teachers and students, continued with the opening ceremony and the sessions.


The Career Day aims to help students in identifying their talents, interests and values and in working on improving them, facilitating their plans about what they want to pursue in the future.


The TAC alumni with graduation years ranging from 1972 to 2013, some returning to campus many years later, spent the entire day with students to tell them about their careers and inspire them. The guests were excited to meet with current TAC students many years later, and our students were excited to listen to the graduates who had been in their shoes many years ago. The best reward at the end of the day was seeing the satisfaction on the faces of the entire TAC family, students, teachers, administrators and guests, and the positive feedback received from the students and alumni.

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