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TAC Students Move to the Next Stage at the International Knowledge Bowl

TAC’s IB students in grade 11, Cem Sağlam, Cenk Sağlam, Naz Kurtuluş, Alpartun Günhan, Yağmur Serin, Benan Güneş and Melis Ata, who competed at the Russia-based “Urfodu” (International Basic Sciences Knowledge Contest) passed the first stage.


TAC students joined the contest in the following branches and all of them qualified for the finals:


Cem: English, German, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics

Cenk: English, German, Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics

Naz: Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics

Alpartun: Physics and English

Yağmur: English, Physics and Mathematics

Benan and Melis: Biology


Urfodu is an international knowledge contest organized by Russia, giving the opportunity to 5th-11th grade students from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkey to demonstrate their knowledge in biology, chemistry, English, French, geography, German, mathematics and physics. It consists of two stages: the first stage is online through the website, and the second takes place either at the international test center or online, optionally. Students who pass the first stage are eligible for the second stage.


We are proud of the outstanding achievements of TAC students and wish them the best in the second stage of the competition.