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 TAC’s Grade 11 Non-IB Students Celebrate the New Year with the Younger Students at Village School

TAC’s 11th graders, who have been dedicating their time and energy to community service activities since the preparatory year, celebrated the new year with the students of Demirhisar Village Primary School.


TAC students presented the gifts they have diligently packed to each individual student who they hosted at TAC campus. The guest students were very happy with the warm coats that received as gifts, and had a very enjoyable time at the TAC campus for the rest of the day.


In addition to spending great time as host and guest students, it is an important support that the sister school students receive English lessons from the “student teachers” of TAC, as their education is limited with regard to foreign language.


We congratulate the 11th graders of TAC and thank them for being the best ambassadors of the TAC tradition of service learning.