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Experiments in Science Lessons Continue in Full Speed

Experiment Name: Determination of free fall acceleration


In the physics experiment, IB Physics HL students in grade 10 calculated the fall acceleration of an object at certain levels using the Photogate sensor and logger pro 3 program.




Experiment Name: Separation of photosynthetic pigments by chromatography.


In the biology lesson with 10 IB and 11 IB class students, the spinach leaf was extracted in acetone solvent and the pigments in the leaf were separated using chromatography paper. Different colors were observed in the experiment, as the pigments absorb light in different wavelengths.




As part of the acid&base experiments in the chemistry laboratory, grade 12 IB students conducted an experiment to determine the difference in conductivity  in weak and strong acids through a "conductivity probe", and the pH values through a "pH probe" and "pH paper". In addition, they performed the magnesium reaction with strong and weak acids. Our students had a better chance of observing the phenomenon by examining the gas bubbles which appear with the difference in the use of weak acids versus strong acids.