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New Year's Concert


The New Year’s Concert which was put together with a dedicated effort on the part of music students drew an excited audience. As the school community, we are proud of the versatile musical talent of our students and congratulate all who contributed. We are already looking forward to the next concert of the Echo bands!




Ilgaz E. (TAC’24)

Özgür K. (TAC’24)



Piyano / Piano: Işık Ali A. (TAC’23)

Vokal/Vocal : Rana T. (TAC’23)

E.Gitar/ E.Guitar : Barkan C. (TAC’23)

E.Gitar/ E.Guitar : Akın Barış B. (TAC’23)

B.Gitar/ B.Guitar : Efe İ. (TAC’24)

Bateri/ Drums : Yankı S. (TAC’23)



Piyano / Piano: İpek Ö. (TAC’24)

Vokal/Vocal : Zeynep D (TAC’24)

Vokal/Vocal : İpek Ö. (TAC’24)

E.Gitar/ E.Guitar : Arda A. (TAC’24)

B.Gitar/ B.Guitar : Efe İ. (TAC’24)

Bateri/ Drums : Şah B. (TAC’24)

Bateri/ Drums : Efe Ö. (TAC’24)

Cajon: Gamze Ö.(TAC’24)



Piyano / Piano: Ece A. (TAC’25)

Piyano / Piano: Elvin O. (TAC’25)

Vokal/Vocal : Nisa K. (TAC’25)

E.Gitar/ E.Guitar : Arda A. (TAC’24)

B.Gitar/ B.Guitar : Güneş U. (TAC’25)

Bateri/ Drums : Demir G. (TAC’25)



Piyano / Piano: Doruk A. (TAC’26)

Vokal/Vocal : Rasime E. (TAC’26)

E.Gitar/ E.Guitar : Kıvanç Y. (TAC’26)

B.Gitar/ B.Guitar : Poyraz A. (TAC’26)

Bateri/ Drums : Ediz A.(TAC’26)



Piyano / Piano: Ilgın D. (TAC’27)

Piyano / Piano: Tilbe A. (TAC’27)

Vokal/Vocal : Rüya Y. (TAC’27)

Vokal/Vocal : Derin S. (TAC’27)

E.Gitar/ E.Guitar : Efe Çınar Ö (TAC’27)

B.Gitar/ B.Guitar : Toprak Y. (TAC’27)

Bateri/ Drums : Mert G.(TAC’27)