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Tarsus American College students enjoyed a day dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of particle physics. The International CERN Masterclass event was held on Thursday, February 22nd with the participation of SEV General Manager Prof. Dr. Güray Erkol, Prof. Dr. Bora Işıldak from Yıldız Technical University, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Alper Hayreter from Celal Bayar University and Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Dağ from Bursa Technical University. Prof. Dr. Hüseyin Dağ from Bursa Technical University.
The International CERN Masterclass event, organized for the twentieth time this year, attracts more than 13,000 high school students from more than 60 countries every year for one day to unravel the mysteries of particle physics, with lectures by active scientists who provide insight into the research topics and methods underlying matter and forces, and enable students to make measurements on real data obtained from particle physics experiments.
Throughout the day, Tarsus American College students delved deeper into particle physics by participating in various lectures under the guidance of esteemed academics. Among these activities, they also had the opportunity to make measurements based on real data. At the end of the event, in a spirit of international research collaboration, participants were connected to CERN via a video conference to discuss and consolidate their results.
The event was attended by students representing Grade 11 IB and National groups and Physics teachers. Students had a productive day to understand and solve the complexities of particle physics.
The International CERN Masterclass 2024 is being held from February 15 to March 27. This important event contributes to raising the scientists of the future by bringing young minds together with science and discovery.