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Under the leadership of our science department, coordinated by our esteemed teacher Çiğdem Altan and with the contributions of Prof. Dr. Cengiz Darıcı from Çukurova University, a tree naming project was organized in the Tarsus American College school campus area with the participation of our students. With the participation of our TAC school principal Erkan Gültekin and our school counselor Amanda Sunderman, the opening ceremony of our tree naming project was held in the school campus area.
As part of this project, students came together to name various trees on their campus and emphasize the importance of these trees as part of a learning experience in touch with nature. 
This activity stands out as part of our educational approach that offers our students the opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about ecosystems and biology by interacting with nature. The tree naming project left a lasting impression on the TAC school campus as an important step towards raising environmental awareness and instilling in students the responsibility to protect nature.